Transfer of Records

TO Broadmeadow Medical Centre FROM another General Practice

If you have previously attended another GP clinic for your healthcare, you might like to request that they send a copy of your medical records to us so that we have a more complete picture of your health information. This includes information such as your medications, past history and immunisation records. Some GP clinics will charge you a fee for sending a copy of medical records.

FROM Broadmeadow Medical Centre TO another General Practice:

We are required by law to retain all medical records for a minimum period of time. If you would like to move your medical records  from Broadmeadow Medical Centre to a different GP clinic, we will promptly arrange a Health Summary to be sent to your new clinic.
We do not charge a fee for sending a Health Summary  to another clinic, but we reserve the right to charge a fee covering our costs if the other clinic requests your file be sent by disc or paperfile as there are significant printing and/or postage costs. If this applies, we will contact you about the fee.